My first Blog that actually works

I have now had a web-site ( for over 4 years now, and have never had a blog. Well not quite:

1. Microsoft has a blog that comes with hotmail. This is not ideal since their ‘live’ blog has two fatal deficiencies: First the content is displayed in a narrow column that is 2 inches wide (Or is that 1 1/2 inches wide). Second, the address to the blog is very difficult to find.

2. I tried installing a default plug and play blog that comes with my web host provider. However instead of allowing me to install a blog in a sub directory of my website, my web host installed it in the root directory of my website. Oops!

3. I tried to install an open source blogging engine made with .NET (ASP .NET) that I found on codeplex. But numerous attempts to install it failed due to failed permissions. I’m not experienced in web programming by any means. So perhaps ASP .NET is not as user friendly as this MySQL powered blog is?

My plan is to write on programming related topics here.

And first off, is does word press have a spell checker?

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