3ds max API Linker Dependencies

Part of making a plug-in for 3ds max is to specify the correct libraries in your  c++ project settings. 3ds max ships with 38 libraries. It is not easy to know which one of these 38 to link against if you include a header file.

Therefore I have put together a spreadsheet containing the linker dependencies for all the entities in the 3ds max SDK.

The link to the excel spread sheet below contains all the entities in the SDK, and which library file they link against.

Note that there are entities that don’t link against anything. This is for the following reasons:


1. If the class contains all inline methods.
2. If the class contains methods that are  all abstract, and it has no member variables. (i.e. a pure interface)
3. If the class contains an implementation in 3dsmax.exe itself, and thus needs no library to link against.

The 3dsmax.exe file itself is quite large, and contains a lot of implementations for entities declared in the max SDK.

Again, I hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to comment, and or email me a question.