MiniDumpWriteDump for an external process

I have written an app to generate a minidump on an external process. This will be ultimately be called by our test harness on process’s that take too long to execute its unit tests. Or for our a process that hung while executing unit tests. (i.e. timed out) So I would like to create a minidump before terminating the process.

The minidump will be used to inspect the callstacks of the hung process. By looking at the callstacks you can get an idea of what went wrong: Or in our case, where did the hang occur.

So I wrote a handy little command line tool to do that. It takes as it’s (only) parameter the full path name of the executable you want a dump for. The cool part of this tool is you can also execute it while an application is running. And if you have symbols for your app, you will get nice callstacks in your minidump report.

getminidump (Source code here)