Formatting Error in Process Explorer

The other day I was trying to reproduce a bug with 3dsmax involving altered regional settings. Many of our customers of course run max in countries where it is common in the language to use the comma as a decimal symbol. This for instance is a common practice in Quebec where the majority of the people speak French. It seems that some people have been having problems with max crashing on them when their O.S. regional settings are set to English but use a comma instead of a decimal symbol. So in attempting to reproduce this bug, I set my regional settings to use the comma. I didn’t reproduce any crashes with 3dsmax, at least not with our current production version. So anyways, it did have some strange unintended fallout however with process explorer from SysInternals.

What happened, is that all the numbers that process explorer reported were either truncated or just plain old cut off. So, for instance, instead of reporting 12 Gigabytes of Virtual memory for SQLServer.exe, it would simply report 2K. Obviously something was not right there.

Here are some links showing a screen shot of a normal and abnormal of process explorer.

Unfortunately, I had been installing and messing with a bunch of other debugging tools (Don’t you love playing with new tools?), and thought the problem was with them. Such was not the case. By reverting my regional settings to use a period for the decimal symbol, everything worked again.

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